Potty Time!

We started potty training on Sunday, and it's been a hectic week. The first day was awful! She went to the bathroom all over the house! The next day was a little better, and the following days were even better. Then on Wednesday she wowed all of us, and didn't have one accident! She is doing so great, and we are super proud of her!

She has this rad potty that has sensors on the seat and in the potty. It sings to her when she sits down, and also after she goes. It also lights up and has a handle that she can push that makes a flush sound. I highly recommend it for anyone potty training. She wasn't as excited about potty training when we had just the regular little potty, but she has done great since we got this one.
IMG_4067 by you.

She gets a sticker to put on her chart after she goes, and also one to put on herself. I let her have the sheet of stickers this morning....I thought that she deserved it :)
IMG_4093 by you.