The newest member of our family...

On Tuesday we welcomed the newest member of our family, our 1928 player piano. Brian and I had been looking for a really inexpensive piano to have in our dining room. We have been itching to polish up our skills, and get Maddie into music from an early age.
We searched and searched craigslist. We went to see a few pianos, but never had any luck. I saw an ad for a player piano with no price listed, just asking for best offer. I called up just to see what kind of condition it was in, and what was the lowest they would accept. I talked to a very nice man that said that my offer was no where near what he would want for it. I said thanks for your time, and went on searching. He called me back later that day, and left a message on my voicemail that brought me to tears.
He said that he had been thinking about what I had told him on the phone earlier. About how we really couldn't afford a nice piano, and just wanted one to teach our daughter on. He told me that he had gotten this piano for his daughter 50 years ago, and that she had just past away a few years ago from an asthma attack. He continued to tell me that he would really like me to have the piano. I couldn't believe my people like this even exist? I called him back, totally speechless, and just said thank you!
The piano is in stunning and in near perfect condition, and looks wonderfully charming sitting in our little dining room. He also included a gorgeous case along with almost 100 different rolls with songs for the player. There is nothing like hearing that piano play live, it is amazing!

I have been inspired by this man's generous heart, and have a few little prizes I have in mind for my blog keep a look out for some free stuff :)

I'll leave you with some pictures...
our new piano by you.
The roll case

the roll case by you.

our new piano by you.

our new piano by you.

You can see the foot pedals below to pump the player

She looks like she really knows what she's doing. by you.