Finally, a week off!

This was my first week of my winter break from work. It was a hectic week, but so nice to able to spend the entire week with Maddie. I have also pretty much taken the whole week away from the computer (except to check my email)! So, I have a little bit of catching up to do.

Maddie got into my blush a few days ago. It's pretty frustrating when I find that she has gotten into my makeup and smeared and dumped it everywhere, or has dumped the dog food or cheerios all over the house; but then you look at that sweet face and all the frustration goes away. Here are a few snaps from the episode.

I told her one or the other....Hmmm, binky or makeup brush...binky or makeup brush.

IMG_3184 by you.

IMG_3205 by you.

She got thristy after putting all that blush all over her face!

IMG_3196 by you.