Busy, busy day!

I'm exhausted! We started the day by heading to Costco to pick up our extremely procrastinated Christmas cards. We ended up using a picture of only Maddie because we could never get a decent picture with all 3 of us. This is the picture we chose for the card.

IMG_3123 by you.

Then we went over to Brian's mom's house for a cookie baking, Christmas tree decorating, get my Christmas cards ready...day. I baked 4 different batches of cookies, none of which turned out very good....such a bummer! Oh well, one day I'll get good at this baking thing! After watching Elf (one of Brian and I's favorite movies) we finally got to address the Christmas cards. We were rushing to get them done and out to the post office by 6, but it didn't happen :( We then went to church to go to the annual Christmas concert. Maddie loved it. She was dancing and twirling to the music! She almost made it all the way through the concert, but right towards the end she was going around and trying to get everyone to play peek-a-boo with her. We decided that it was time to go, and headed home.
I'm going to go lay down now, but I'll leave you with a couple more pics I snapped of Maddie yesterday.
IMG_3109 by you.
IMG_3102 by you.