Poor baby...

My baby girl was SO sick yesterday! She woke up in a great mood, had a bottle of milk, and then immediately starting vomiting EVERYWHERE! With in 10 minutes she had thrown up ALL over me, 4 places in the living room, and 4 places in the dining room. It sucks when they get sick at this age because they don't know how to get to the toilet, so my house was completely covered! My mom came over and literally followed me around cleaning up messes....it was awful. sorry, I know....TMI.
The worst part about it though was that I wasn't allowed to feed her anything. The doctor said NO FOOD for 12 hours. Poor baby was screaming and reaching up on her tippy toes to get to the table to try and grab anything to eat...it was so sad!

She's feeling much better today. Woke up crazy early, and she finally got to eat!