our Thanksgiving excitment

Brian and I are rarely the type of people that can just sit and do nothing. So, on Thanksgiving morning we were ready and out the door by 9am. We drove around to see what was open, and what do you know....everything is still closed on Thanksgiving. Darn, we were hoping that things changed this year, and we could start our shopping on Thursday.

We decided to kill some time before dinner, so we went to go hiking on some trails by my Grandma's house. We stopped on the trail at this cool flat rock to take pictures of Maddie. I had only taken just a couple of shots when it started pouring down rain on us. We ran back to the car, but Maddie didn't want to get in. She stood out in the pouring rain for about 5 minutes....she LOVED it!

Here's one of the 2 shots that I got before the rain came...
IMG_1427 by you.
Soaking wet.
IMG_1435 by you.