Happy *belated* Thanksgiving!

Well, I started this post yesterday as I was getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and then realized that it was time to head out so I didn't get it posted.

This Thanksgiving I realized more than ever how truly blessed I am. I have an amazing family, adorable and sweet little girl, a wonderful husband, a job that I love, a new house that I love, and great friends! Life is really good!

I have this hibiscus plant in my front yard that I have only seen bloom once. I saw it, and then thought....oh, I'll get a picture of that tomorrow, and when I went back out the next day...it was gone. So, I went out a couple days ago, and there it was with 2 blooms. I grabbed my camera to finally get a shot of it. They are such gorgeous flowers, and the colors couldn't be more perfect(orange and pink....like my logo)!

Brian and I just got home from an engagement shoot downtown, so I will be posting pics of that soon! Stay tuned.