Mommy and Me Garden Day!

I took Maddie to my mother-in-law's work yesterday for a mommy and me garden day. My mother-in-law runs a facility for alzheimer patients. They had just put in this amazing green house, and have an orachard and veggie patch surrounding it. It's pretty awesome. They are trying to eventually be able to grow most of their fruits and vegetables organically there for the residents. You can view the facility website at
I also did some of the photography work on their website!

Sooo, yesterday we got to bring the kids to have a garden day. My sister-in-law and my nephew also joined, so it was alot of fun! Maddie got to pick nectarines and peaches off of the trees, and put them into a big bin....while she sneakily snuck a bite out of each one..shhh don't tell! Then, they got to water the flowers with watering cans. Maddie preferred to shake the can, or dump the water on her feet instead though :) Then, they gave each resident a basket to hold on their laps while the kids came around and filled them with fruit. I didn't know if Maddie would participate in this part, but she did a great job. She was so proud of her self everytime she put a piece of fruit in a basket!
We can't wait for the next Garden Day at Sunshine Care!